QGIS Heatmap values change when imported into ArcMap?

I am creating a heatmap layer from QGIS and importing the TIFF into ArcMap. When I import the file into ArcMap I notice that values are different.

For example the max value in QGIS is 8.92454, but after I add the same layer to ArcMap the max value becomes 21.8739.

Does anyone know why this is so? Do I need to convert the TIFF into another format before adding to ArcMap?

8.9 is the 98th percentile which QGIS computes by default for the rendering. If you change to min/max and press Load, QGIS computes 21.9, just like Arc.

Watch the video: QGIS Stil bearbeiten. Daten darstellen. Tutorial. Deutsch (October 2021).