Integrating arcpy with other packages

I have the windows installation of python 2.7 that came with arcgis 10.2. In my linux installation of python, I've become fond of other packages, and I'd like to incorporate them into the windows python. I went through the steps to install pip, and I've got pip working in c:python2.7scripts. But, each time I try to pip install anything (run from that Scripts directory), it fails (with various errors, mostly not finding certain files).

On the other hand, I've used package managers like Canopy or Anaconda, but I don't know how to get arcpy into one of those.

I surely don't quite have the hang of site-packages, dist-packages, paths and environments, particularly in Windows.

Has anyone done this successfully, and can you summarize your steps?

I went with simply installing the manager pip-Win. It will install pip and virtualenv for you.
Then it can identify your python installations (or you can browse to a specific python.exe to add more) and take care of all of your pip execution and package maintenance.

Very important warning: Don't upgrade numpy on your ArcGIS python install. This tends to break things in arcpy.