How to merge geographically similar polygons?

I'm working with zoning data at the parcel level for a city, e.g., each parcel has a zoning attribute. My goal is to create a contiguous zoning map without intersections from roads and highways. I manually edited a portion of the city to show my intended result.

Here is a portion of my initial map:

And here is a rough manual edit of how I'd like to dissolve the features and remove the gaps where the roads are:

Is there any geoprocessing that can achieve this result without manually editing the features to be contiguous?

A few suggestions.

  1. Make one large polygon the overlays everything and the use the Erase function (info license only) to get the gaps as polygons. Now break up this polygon into a fishnet and use spatial joins. Now Dissolve on the value that gives you the colors above.

  2. Use Spatial Allocation to fill the empty space. Polygonize it, do not simplify. Now Dissolve on the value that gives you the colors above.

Some instructions for using erase without the info license.

There is Aggregate Polygons (Cartography) tool in ArcGIS. Looks like it is what are you looking for:

Watch the video: Change Projection - Coordinate System in ArcMap (October 2021).