Raster clipping outside area in ArcMap?

How to raster clip in ArcMap? But I need 1 raster in outside area. Because 2 raster map.


Ras1=Temperature.tif Ras2=Error map.tif Clip command input raster=Ras1 Output Extent= Ras2

Just I need clip outside area=reserve clip command? I can't use Con and Setnull, IsNull.

As commented by @MichaelStimson:

you can use SetNull, Con, IsNull. The best you can hope for is to set the result raster to Null in the area where Ras2 is not null. That shouldn't be too difficult if Ras2 is null where it is shown as white, use IsNull to get 0/1 raster for Ras2 and then con(IsNull(Ras2),OutNull,Ras1) where OutNull is the Null value for result raster, if one is not set then pick a value outside of range and then use SetRasterProperties to enforce that value on Result Raster.

Watch the video: Clipping Raster Dataset in ArcGIS 10 (October 2021).