How to connect to Geomedia data in Acess .mdb from ArcGIS Desktop

I can't connect to an Access database from a GIS platform.

I tried ArcGIS 10.1 and QGIS but I did not succeed.

I specify that this Access database was used in GeoMedia and export it to access (.mdb)

Can someone give me a solution?

Is there a way to link ArcGIS to MS Access and use that DB? addresses how to connect to an Access Database.

One thing that is important to note, is that there needs to be a spatial component in your database in order for it to open in ArcGIS, but it will also need to be in a format readable by ArcMap. If you've ever opened the back end of a geodatabase, you will see multiple tables that are strictly for reading/formatting/conversion that ArcMap uses in the background and the user doesn't see.

In a quick Google Search, I found this, which references using FME software, which makes me believe that the two database formats will not automatically jive with one another and will need some conversion in order to be compatible.

Like ArcGIS, GeoMedia uses the Access .mdb file for one of it's own proprietary data storage formats. The only thing in common between Esri's personal-gdb and Geomedia's .mdb is the extension.

GDAL/OGR 1.9+ has a read-only driver for the Geomedia MDB database. You should be able to use ogr2ogr utility to convert the contents into data usable by both ArcGIS and Qgis. The command line might look like:

ogr2ogr D:path oout_folder in_geomedia.mdb

Also see Extracting data from GeoMedia *.mdf database without using GeoMedia? and QGIS & GeoMedia .mdb .gws compatibility?

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