Clip an interpolated raster using points or create an extent polygon from points using ArcGIS for Desktop

I have a point feature class that I have imported from lat longs in an Excel spreadsheet. I have created a raster image from these points however areas outside of the point set extent are interpolated. I would either like to find a way to only interpolate within the points extent or clip the raster using the points / create an extent polygon from the points and use that to clip the raster.

In order to clip raster by points:

  1. Create a boundary polygon using "ToolboxesSystem ToolboxesData Management Tools.tbxFeaturesMinimum Bounding Geometry" tool
  2. Using "ToolboxesSystem ToolboxesData Management Tools.tbxRasterRaster ProcessingClip" tool with the created boundary

Alternatively, try using Convex Hull option in the first tool (Minimum Bounding Geometry).

Watch the video: Interpolation: Kriging using ArcGIS (October 2021).