Zonal Statistics on discrete values in raster using ArcGIS for Desktop?

I am using ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop.

I am using Corine Land Cover raster data for Southern European Countries, this data gives discrete values to particular land uses (e.g. 1 = agricultural land, 2= Urban land-use etc.). I also have a polygon layer with the outlines of each country. I can get the total number of cells within each country from zonal statistics table in Arc toolbox, however I cannot get counts for each of the values of land use within each polygon. The goal is to determine the percentage of each country which is covered by each land-use category.

Is there any way in ArcGIS that I can achieve this?

Another workaround would be to create an indicator grid of0s and1s, as suggested in this answer.

You can then useCountto provide total number of raster cells in each polygon, andSumto indicate how many cells are of a particular land use. The only issue being that you have to create an indicator grid for each land use type.

Watch the video: 0204 Zonal Statistics (October 2021).