How can I create Mapbox vector tiles with zoom extent 0-4?

when I use Mapbox and load a vector polygon. after upload is done the file is converted to vector tiles. it is then assigned a zoom extent:

How can I tweak this ? I would like the tiles created from this polygon to be available between zoom 0 and 4 and not 4 to 10.

It doesn't work when I try to override the zoom extent visibility from the style.

As per Mapbox's Tileset Errors documentation, Tippecanoe is the recommended way to process detailed tile layers for viewing at arbitrary zoom levels. In addition to creating extremely efficient tile layers, its advantage over Mapbox Studio Classic is that as a command-line utility it can be incorporated into scripts. There's even an existing Python binding called togeojsontiles. Tippecanoe is natively supported on Linux and OS X, but it's also possible to run it from Windows using Cygwin.

found the solution in the documentation: mapbox documentation page regarding uploads

… When uploading through Mapbox Studio Classic source mode, you can manually determine maximum and minimum zoom levels for the dataset…