NetCDF transformation

I have NetCDF files with some datasets with data and two datasets containing lons and lats. I would like to open data layers in QGIS in coordinates that are written in NetCDF's lon/lat datasets. How could I do that?

What I am trying to do is transform NetCDF data to another coordinate system in another grid, then save it as TIFF. I wanted to use QGIS first to see what steps should I make.

When you open netCDF in QGIS, you open it as a Raster layer (.NC/.nc) which then tells you about its sub-layers which you can add as data layers.

Once open you can extract the grid the raster is built with and associate the data layers with the grid. Look at flood filling algorithms too, for filling arrays with data from the netCDF.

Personally, I'd do this with GDAL or ArcPy as it's relatively easy with both.

Watch the video: Visualising data in NetCDF format (September 2021).